Learn about project actions and activities.


In the implementation of this project, we will develop the following results



A Training Scheme is being developed, with the direct participation of People with Down Syndrome and other End Users (Professionals working with PDS; Relatives and other Supports and experts in the fields of Service Learning and Sustainable Development Goals).


A set of training activities, based on the Service-Learning methodology, is being designed to enhance the involvement of PDS in the implementation of SDG, where they will increase their competences through “learning by doing”.



The Training Materials will be adapted to the roles, different learning needs and individual profiles of the Target Group.


An e-Training Platform is developing for enhancing the training process. The e-Training Platform is including tools specifically developed for this project which support the practical and experiential training activities.


Transnational Meetings

5 transnational project meetings will be held during, the project implementation; with the participation of all project partners, according to the work plan and project milestones.

  • Venue: Internet; on Zoom; hosted by the Project Coordinator (ALDO-CET, Bailesti, Romania).
  • Date:November 25-26, 2020
  • Estimated Duration: 2 days

The meeting is focusing on key aspects, in order to be considered in the involvement of People with Down Syndrome, in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals; and, in the application of Service Learning to People with Down Syndrome.

  • Venue: Internet; on Zoom; hosted by the Croatian Partner (HURT, Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Date: April 15-16, 2021
  • Estimated Duration: 2 days

The meeting is aiming to complete the Training Scheme and to launch the other Intellectual Outputs. 

  • Venue: Lisbon, Portugal (FENACERCI)

  • Date: October, 21-22, 2021

  • Estimated Duration: 2 days

The meeting purpose was to analyze the progress of Learning Activities and Training Materials and to approve the e-Training specifications.

  • Fourth Project Meeting

  • Venue: Greece (IED)

  • Date: Month 16

  • Estimated Duration: 3 days

The meeting aims to Train the Trainer on the implementation of LEARNING ACTIVITIES, TRAINING MATERIALS and e-Training Tool and to plan Validation Pilot Actions and a Transnational Training Activity for People with Down Syndrome.

  •  Venue: Spain (ASINDOWN)

  • Date: Month 23

  • Estimated Duration: 2 days

The main purpose of this meeting is to assess the Validation Pilot Actions and Transnational Training Activity; and, their dissemination towards interested stakeholders, along with a project deployment plan.

Training Activities

2 Training Activities will be organized along, during the project implementation

Validation Pilot Actions

Validation Pilot Actions are implemented in all the participating countries; and, involves 100 persons.

Transnational Learning Activity

A Transnational Learning Activity (blended mobility of adult learners) is organized, in Valencia (Spain), with PDS and Supports, from all the participant countries; they will be participating in a common learning activity.

Multiplier Events

6 Multiplier Events will be organized, where all the project results will be introduced to the main national stakeholders: 2 events in Romania, 1 event, at a time, in: Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Greece.